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Summer 2016 @ HackerEarth

I was done with my college exams by the end of May 2016, and was looking to work on something interesting. I had an internship offer from HackerEarth in Bangalore, which I had applied for couple of months ago. It was a tough choice as I had to decline a full time offer for this internship. I chosed to intern at HackerEarth as I had heard good things about HackerEarth’s Engineering Team. I went to Bangalore on 4th June as my internship was about to start on 6th. It was my second visit to Bangalore, the first one was in 2015 during PyCon India.

On the second day I came to know that I would be working with the Research & Development Team. There I met my Mentor & Manager Praveen Kumar who heads the R & D and Engineering at HackerEarth. It was the first time, when I worked on a web application. HackerEarth was built with Python and Django.


I was working on making the code editor intelligent, so that users have better experience, while submitting solutions to problems on HackerEarth. My first task was to show the standard error logs (stderr), whenever there is a Runtime Error, as earlier only a RE was displayed during a RunTime Error, which was not very insightful for the user. If you use HackerEarth now, you can notice the new column named (Error Log) in the submission results.

After this, my next job was to show better insights of the Standard Error logs, so that users can make more sense out of it and improve their code and hence improve their chances of having the solution accepted. At this point the error logs would look something like this:

I had to analyse the error logs and do R & D to build this system, thanks to my mentors Shubham and Praveen for helping me in Designing that System to show better error logs. The Error logs now looks something like this:

I also worked on giving suggestions to the user based on their output with respect to the expected output. (Note: Nothing fancy here! :P)

Final Words

It was a great experience, interning at HackerEarth. I highly recommend anyone, planning to work with a great Team. Thanks to all the people whom I met there (Praveen, Shubham, Vivek, Vishal, Santosh, Manoj, Rahul, Viru, Sreeram, Sudip), I learnt a lot of stuff in that short term intern. I went to three conference during my internship, thanks to Praveen & Vivek for bearing with that. And last but not the least thanks to Prabhat and Santosh for the last moment Farewell!

Team HackerEarth @ Wonderla!