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Talk on Introducing Metaclasses at PyDelhi Meetup

Hey! I gave a talk on Python Metaclasses yesterday at PyDelhi Meetup at Lyxel labs, Gurgaon .

In order to develop an intuition to understand metaclasses in python, Let’s see it in this way: “Everything is an object in Python”, So is a class! and every object is created by a class, of course:

>>> class Foo(): pass
>>> foo_object = Foo()

The class which creates the foo_object is:

>>> type(foo)

That’s what we expected, Foo!

Now, as I said earlier, every class is also an object, So is Foo, now lets see which class creates the class Foo itself:

>>> type(Foo)

The type! Yes, the type class creates the Foo class and that’s what called as a Metaclass. Metaclasses are the secret sauce which creates classes! type is the default metaclass in Python. To dive more into Metaclasses, have a look at the presentation slides of my talk.

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Here is a picture of an another talk by Peeyush Aggarwal (@dhuadaar) on NLP.

See you in the next meetup :)