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GSoC : This week in SymPy #10 & #11

Hi there! It’s been 11 weeks into GSoC and we have reached into the last week before the soft deadline. Here is the Progress so far.

  Progress of Week 10 & 11

</br> Last couple of weeks, I worked mainly on the Documentation of the solveset module. It’s very important to let others know what we are doing and why we are doing, so this PR #9500 is an effort to accomplish that. Here are some of the important questions, I have tried to answer in the PR #9500

:check: What was the need of a new solvers module? </br> :check: Why do we use sets as an output type? </br> :check: What is this domain argument about? </br> :check: What will you do with the old solve? </br> :check: What are the general design principles behind the development of solveset? </br> :check: What are the general methods employed by solveset to solve an equation? </br> :check: How do we manipulate and return an infinite solutions? </br> :check: How does solveset ensures that it is not returning any wrong solution? </br>

There is still some polishing required in this as suggested by @hargup

Linsolve Docs

I completed the documentation PR for linsolve. See PR #9587

Differential Calculus Methods

I have also started working on the differential calculus methods as mentioned in my proposal here. See diff-cal branch.

from __future__ import plan Week #12:

This week I plan to finish up all the pending work and wrap up the project and get PR #9500 Merged.

$ git log

</br>   PR #9500 : Documenting solveset

</br>   PR #9587 : Add Linsolve Docs

</br> That’s all for now, looking forward for week #12. :grinning: