Amit Kumar : Life Is Learning!


Life is Learning!

Hi there! thanks for stumbling upon my website. I am a Software Engineer at Quansight, LLC. Previously I worked at Aire, Turner & Townsend & Cambridge Medical Robotics as a Contract Software Engineer.

I also worked as a Data Engineer at The Telegraph, a UK based news tech company. I have also worked as a Software Engineer in Zomato’s Machine Learning Team.

Before Zomato I was a Software Engineering Intern at HackerEarth’s R & D Team. I also participated in Google Summer of Code 2018, 2017 & 2016 as a Mentor in SymPy organization. In 2015 I participated as a Student under Python Software Foundation to work on SymPy’s Equation Solvers module in Google Summer of Code 2015. I graduated as a Mathematics and Computing Engineer from Delhi Technological University (formerly known as Delhi College of Engineering) in May 2016.

I am programmer, learner, presenter and a Software Engineer in the process. I have spoken at various national and international conferences and local meetups. Here is a link to all of my presentations.

I am usually found in London, UK. This Website is my Internet Address. You may find me with handle “aktech” on the Web.

It’s pretty easy to reach out to me. Feel free to get in touch via email: dtu[dot]amit@gmail[dot]com

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