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PyData London 68th Meetup

It’s been 5 years, since I last spoke at PyData London. Similar to what happened 5 years ago, this time also, we had a speaker cancellation, so I jumped in as the last minute speaker, although I had proposed to speak next month.

The meetup started with Emlyn, welcoming folks to the meetup and introducing them to PyData London. He also shared updates around the Python community, like the release of Python 3.11 and conferences happening around the world. It was quite fascinating to realize the size of just PyData London with over 11000+ members, which is about ~5% of all the PyData Meetup’s members around the globe!

The first talk of the day was by Adrian from Intel. He talked about the OpenVINO toolkit. It was a pretty cool talk about how you can run faster real-time inference with just 7 lines of code. In the end he also did a live demo of him moving around his webcam and the model was able to infer person/objects in real time.

After the first talk, my turn came in after the break. I managed to test the HDMI connectivity during the break to avoid any surprises. At first it was quite intimidating to get on the stage after quite a while. The last time I spoke at a conference in person was in 2018, before pandemic at Swiss Python Summit. You almost lose the idea of public speaking in that period of time and so many people looking at you at the same time, it always feels like as if you’re doing/saying something wrong, which did happens a few times in the talk, but overall it went very well.

I talked about Nebari. It is an open source data science platform. It was previously called as QHub. I have spent a bunch on time working on Nebari at Quansight. We recently did the rename from QHub -> Nebari and it was the first talk after that. Recently we did a lot of work on the documentation and release to make it user friendly. I would highly recommend trying Nebari, if you have a data science team that need the ease of collaboration, compute and environment management.

Here is one of the tweets from @pydatalondon during the talk:

I’m planning to do more of this in future, hopefully with more notice in advance. PyData London is probably one of the best meetups I have ever attended. I would highly recommend it.