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GSoC : Getting Up For the Coding Period

The Start of Coding Period!

The Community bonding Period is close to end now & my Exams as well. Tomorrow starts the Coding Period & I have been waiting for it for some time now.

Recently I gave a quick look to my Proposed Timeline in my Proposal, & decided to swap the 2nd Week’s work with Ist, this will help me securing few credits in my College’s Minor Project Submission (Which has the deadline of 30th May).

Plan for Week 1

This week, I am planning to work on Solving Linear systems in solveset. (Currently solveset support univariate solvers only).

The main functions, I would be implementing are:

  • eq_to_matrix : method to convert system of Equations to Matrix Form.

  • linsolve: It’s the General Linear System solver.

As mentioned in the proposal, Solving system of linear equations is an important feature of solvers in a CAS. Most of the CAS have a convenient single function to solve linear systems, for example LinearSolve in Mathematica.

The linsolve which I would be implementing is inspired from Matlab & Maxima.

Features Overview

We have a lot of reusable code in sympy.matrices & sympy.solvers.solvers, which would be quite useful. One of the most important thing I would like to have in linsolve is supporting a lot of input formats. Though, most of the CAS suport only one input format. This feature would be quite useful for sympy’s linsolve.

The three most common input formats, I can recall as of now are:
  • Augmented Matrix Form
  • List Of Equations Form
  • Input A & b Matrix Form (from Ax = b)

It would be great to have all three input formats supported in the Public API linsolve Method.

Looking forward for Coding Period, that’s all for now.