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GSoC : This week in SymPy #6

Hi there! It’s been six weeks into GSoC, and it marks the half of GSoC. The Mid term evaluations have been done now, Google has been preety quick doing this, I recieved the passing mail within 15 minutes after the deadline to fill up evaluations, so basically GSoC Admin did the following, (I guess):

WHERE EvaluationResult='PASS';
and SendThemMail

(Don’t Judge my SQL, I am not good at it!)

  Progress of Week 6

Last week my Linsolve PR #9438 finally got Merged Thanks! to @hargup @moorepants @flacjacket @debugger22 for reviewing it and suggesting constructive changes.

This week I worked on Intersection’s of FiniteSet with symbolic elements, which was a blocking issue for lot of things, I managed to Fix the failing test which I mentioned in my last post. Eventually this PR got Merged as well, which has opened doors for lot of improvements.

Thanks to @jksuom & @hargup for iterating over this PR, and making some very useful comments for improving it to make it Mergeable.

I had a couple of hangout meeting with @hargup this week, (though now he has left for SciPy for a couple of weeks), we discussed about the further plan, for making solveset more robust, such as like returning the domain of invert while calling the invert_real , See #9617.

Motivation for this:

In [8]: x = Symbol('x', real=True)

In [9]: n = Symbol('n', real=True)

In [12]: solveset(Abs(x) - n, x)
Out[12]: {-n, n}

The solution returned above is not actually complete, unless, somehow we state n should be positive for the output set to be non-Empty. See #9588

from __future__ import plan Week #7:

This week I plan to work on making invert_real more robust.

Relavant Issue:

$ git log

  • PR #9618 : Add test for solveset(x**2 + a, x) issue 9557
  • PR #9587 : Add Linsolve Docs
  • PR #9500 : Documenting solveset
  • PR #9612 : solveset return solution for solveset(True, ..)
  • PR #9540 : Intersection’s of FiniteSet with symbolic elements
  • PR #9438 : Linsolve
  • PR #9463 : ComplexPlane
  • PR #9527 : Printing of ProductSets
  • PR # 9524 : Fix solveset returned solution making denom zero

That’s all for now, looking forward for week #7. :grinning: