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GSoC : This week in SymPy #9

Hi there! It’s been nine weeks into GSoC . Here is the Progress for this week.

  Progress of Week 9

This week I worked on Replacing solve with solveset or linsolve in the codebase: Here are the modules, I covered, as of now:

@moorepants pointed out that I should not change old solvetests, since people may break an untested code, this argument is valid, so I have added equivalent tests for solveset, where it is competent with solve.

There are some untested code in codebase as well, where solve is used, for those cases replacing has not been done, as the tests would pass anyway, since those lines are not tested. So I have added a TODO for those instances, to replace with solveset, when those lines are tested.

Other Work

I also changed the output of linsolve when no solution are returned, earlier it throwed ValueError & now it returns an EmptySet(), which is consistent with rest of the solveset. See PR #9726

from __future__ import plan Week #10:

This week I plan to Merge my pending PR’s on replacing old solve in the code base with solveset, and work on Documentation & lambertw solver.

$ git log

  • PR #9726 : Return EmptySet() if there are no solution to linear system
  • PR #9724 : Replace solve with solveset in core
  • PR #9717 : Replace solve with solveset in sympy.calculus
  • PR #9716 : Use solveset instead of solve in sympy.sets
  • PR #9717 : Replace solve with solveset in sympy.series
  • PR #9710 : Replace solve with solveset in sympy.stats
  • PR #9708 : Use solveset instead of solve in sympy.geometry
  • PR #9587 : Add Linsolve Docs
  • PR #9500 : Documenting solveset

That’s all for now, looking forward for week #10. :grinning: