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The First PyCon Pune'17

Now we have three Python Conferences in India! After PyCon India & PyDelhi Conference, PyCon Pune is the first of its kind regional PyCon. I was delighted to have the opportunity to attend such an amazing conference. It was a 4-day event, with a couple of days for the conference and a couple of days for the Dev Sprint. I reached Pune on 16th Morning, thanks to Sayan and Chandan for accommodating me at their place. Their house was like a Hacker space throughout the conference, as a lot of friends crashed there.

Day 1

Day 1 started with Kushal picking us to the conference venue in his car, The first thing that astonished me was the quote on the back of his T-Shirt:

The Conference started with the Keynote by Honza Král, who is a core contributor to Django. He talked about his OSS Life. It was followed by a talk on “Writing Beautiful Code” by Anand Chitipothu who is a co-author of In the Afternoon John Hawley who is a Perl guy declared a Python programmer gave the Keynote. John is an Interesting guy so was his talk. I and Sanyam met him in Delhi and had a dinner together.

In the evening Praveen Patil gave a talk on “Python in my Science Classroom”. He showed how he uses Python to help kids visualize various concepts of Physics.

Day 2

It started with Kushal again picking up from our place. He took us to Sidesh’s Reservedbit’s office to pick the T-Shirts for the conference. We reached the conference venue after picking T-Shirts at around 9 AM. The first talk was the Keynote by Katie Cunningham, who is a speaker, teacher, and writer of technical books. I had met Katie in PyGotham 2016 in New York, where she delivered a Keynote. It was nice to see her again. The day was filled with lots of awesome talks, like the Talk by Stephen Turnbull describing the ways to contribute for the development of Python. It was followed by Farhaan’s talk on Pagure, which was his GSoC Project. I met him first in PyCon India 2015 during SymPy’s Dev Sprint. Then there was a talk by Noufal, who is a veteran in Python India’s Community. In the afternoon we had a Keynote by Nick Coghlan who is a core Developer of CPython. In the evening Terri Odda gave the Keynote. I knew about her Since my Google Summer of Code 2015, as she was representing PSF in GSoC. It was a pleasure meeting her for the first time. In the evening all of us went for the Dinner at the Deccan in Magarpatta City. The conference concluded after this.

Day 3 & 4

Day 3 and 4 were scheduled for the Dev Sprints. It was a brave decision to have the conference on weekdays and sprints in the weekend, but it worked well. I was glad to see the turnout. The Dev Sprint was at RedHat’s Office at Magarpatta City. This was probably the best Dev Sprint I ever had in any of the conferences. I decided to contribute to CPython as Nick Coghlan was mentoring for it. I submitted 4 patches into CPython, during the Dev Sprints. After the Dev Sprint on Day 3, we went to hang around Pune. Amol took us to a famous Vada Pav place. It was an awesome weekend. I & Sanyam left in the evening on Day 4 to catch our flights to Delhi.

It was a marvelous experience throughout the Conference. Everything was well Organized. Management was absolutely amazing. It was great to see the Energy of all the Volunteers. Kudos to the organizing team of PyCon Pune. I am looking forward to PyCon Pune 2018!

Picture Credits: Kushal Das