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SymPy Workshop at PyDelhi Meetup 🎙️

Hi there! It’s been sometime now since my last blog post, It’s probably the right time to write one now. Yesterday, I gave a talk on SymPy at Python Delhi User group Meetup at CSDS, New Delhi. Things never go the way you want, an hour was wasted in just setting up Anaconda on everyone’s system, eventually I had to cut on the material I could demonstrate, though It was nice to see that people were very enthusiatic about SymPy, they actively solved excercises. It was fun interacting with everyone.

Here is a Pic of the Seminar room at CSDS:

I should also admit that, I have increased my appetite for attending conferences and meetups, these days. In the last 4 months I have attended 3 Meetups (PyDelhi Meetup) and 1 Conference (PyCon India 2015). I think this is one of the best things I have done in last few years & I would recommend anyone with a slight interest in Python either Beginner or Expert should attend PyDelhi Meetups. Looking forward to more such meetups and conferences.

I gave SymPy stickers to everyone who solved atleast one excercise (Since, I didn’t had enough stickers).